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Join Valles Caldera's Community of Supporters! 

Members are invited to member-only special events on the preserve and receive a 10% discount at the Valle Grande Bookstore, as well as 400+ additional public lands stores.  Membership cards will be mailed to the address provided.  Lifetime members also receive a free limited-edition print.

Members-Only Access

A public land since 2000, Valles Caldera is truly shared by us all.  We greatly value our members, who are our core group of supporters in preserving and sharing its natural beauty and unique heritage.   

Our members are not just passive donors.  We want all members to feel connected and invested in Valles Caldera's future.  For that reason, we sponsor special member-only events on the preserve and update members with preserve news and goings-on.  

Past member-only events include educational walking tours, guided hikes, backcountry picnic luncheons, and more.  In addition to member-only events, members also receive early registration access to nearly all limited-access general public events we host, including our popular wildlife viewing and geology tours.

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 5.01.54 PM.png
Valles Caldera History Grove

Today's community of dedicated supporters will make a lasting impact on Valles Caldera--through restoring its ecology, protecting its heritage, and more.  That impact will be felt by tomorrow's visitor and by generations to come.    

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