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National Public Lands Day 2023!

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Have fun volunteering on National Public Lands Day and meet new people who have a common interest in supporting the Valles Caldera!

We've had a good time in years past and we want to see more people participate.

We can all help improve the experience at our National lands once step at a time.

We have a couple of different projects to participate in, such as helping construct bumper logs to protect roadside vegetation and ensuring a clean environment along NM-4.

At the end of the projects, volunteers will be provided food, a token of appreciation, and a day pass to visit a national park for free.

Please register so we know you are coming:

There's more! This year NPS is offering three ways to celebrate. The first is mentioned above. The other two are below.

2. Ranger Programs

Join a ranger on a guided walk to learn more about Valles Caldera.

Program times: 10 am (Entrance Station) and 1 pm (Ranger Station)

Duration: About 1.5 hours

3. Yoga in the Park

Join a ranger in a gentle yoga class outdoors overlooking the majestic Valle Grande and

experience the healing benefits of public lands.

Program time and location: 2 pm at the Ranger Station

Duration: About 1 hour


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