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Fall Fiesta October 2023 at the Valles Caldera!

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

You won't want to miss this! Plan a trip to northern New Mexico during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October and take a scenic drive to the Jemez Mountains to join us for the Valles Caldera Fall Fiesta 2023!

During the week of October 7-15, specially themed ranger programs, family activities, demonstrations, and educational booths will celebrate the natural and cultural resources and values of Valles Caldera National Preserve.

Daily themes will include volcanoes/geology, cultural history, ecology, hunting/fishing, sustainability, and astronomy.

We hope you'll come and experience the seasonal splendor of bugling bull elk, glimmering fall colors, and cool mountain air. This will be a fantastic time to visit Valles Caldera for the first time or the hundredth.

More information about this week-long event will be available soon!

Los Amigos has worked with NPS staff designers and will pay the printing costs for the sticker that commemorates the 2023 Valles Caldera Fall Festival. This colorful, circular sticker design features a six-toed bear paw with topographic contour lines within each toe. Inside the paw pad is a scene of a bull elk bugling near a mountain stream. The sticker will be given to visitors attending the fiesta. (Image by NPS/L. Jones)

We are looking forward to sharing this week with you.

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